We are avalaible at your request to build your own panoramas.

  • Panoramas are used to give volume at pictures and allow viewer to get a greater view of surfaces, volumes and physical configuration of places, or events.
  • It can be used for virtual visit of place, building, or else event or show. It’s useless to say they made their proof for museum’s or building interactive visit on website (promotional, culture, or publicity use). It can be used also to allow visit of special places not open for public or very far, as if you were on premise !
  • Possibilities are useless and display of panoramas can be combined with Flash/Java technology to allow for example rich legends display, interactive menus…

We listen to you for all your needs in that domaine, and we can also advise you, helped by our strong experience. Our prices below will help you understand costs of such technology and it’s only for indication. We strongly ask you to contact us through online form at that page so we can send you specific quote for your needs and requests.
Most of time, excepted specific notice, we furnish panoramas in Flash format (we give you also a license for your own use of Flash software we use for display of panoramas) and HTML5 (for iPhone and iPad), that allow you to integrate them easily most of time in your own publications. On request, we can also add your logo in panoramas so they are more personalised.

It’s also possible to add sound background, or thumbnails for interactive navigation, or icons on panorama. Please ask for specific prices.
We can also on request furnish you panos at specific format with adequate software to display them on iPhone/iPod Touch to build interactive visits avalaible throught Internet or local Wifi network.
As we work on request, we are able to adapt at any needs.

  • Panorama 360º x 360º delivered in Flash and/or Quicktime format et/ou HTML5, and also TIFF full resolution (~9000×4500 pixels): 450€ HT (including photo session on site, building of panorama, et adjustments on computer, and also inclusion of your logo, and furniture of a license of Flash software used to display panorama).
  • Additional panoramas on same place: 350€ HT, then lower price above five on same place.
  • Transport charges: Offered for at least four panoramas on same place in Rhône-Alpes area. Please contact us for quotation adapted at your need.
  • iPhone/iPod Touch: We can offer you for minimal cost integration of all your panos in free viewer software for use in iPhone/iPod Touch.
  • 360 Cities: For commercial customers or touristic sites, we can offer you a specific page and integration in world-famous website 360Cities, that’ll grant you strong presence on Internet and excellent referral in Google engine.
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