End of the online shop and final sales of stock !!

After these ast few years together, I’m sorry to let you know that SkiVR stops definitively its online sales business. Both market changes and current business conditions prevent me to continue that business in good way. I’d like to thank you all my customers, partners for sharing that nice story and we’ll probably see us at some tradeshows, exhibitions…

I’ll continue to offer advice services and rent services for video rigs and panoramic heads.

All technical documents previously avalaible on support website have been duplicated here in the blog. You can find all of them in Support category 🙂

If you need spare parts or new parts it’s perfect timing. I sell all remaining stocks at discounted prices (it’s a one time opportunity !). You’ll find the complete list at this link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17Bz_jDSJXc7S7n3mbFPUMrJBNOj5vJF2zFePRkaJ4nU/edit#gid=0 and email for contact if you need to order something or for any questions.

See you soon 😉

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