Autopano Vidéo 2.3: first beta and bunch of new features !!

Kolor just released tonight first beta of Autopano Vidéo 2.3. They definitively work as crazy at Kolor, with adding lot of new features, plus usual bugs correction. Here are main new features according to changelog:

  • New output codec: Cineform. As H264 format is limited at 4K resolution, AVP will be also able to use now Cineform codec (AVI container in Windows, MOV in Windows and Mac). It’ll allow also to work lot more easily on these files in authoring softwares such as Premiere among others.

  • Batch engine: similarly at Autopano Pro / Giga, Autopano Video has now a real batch engine, with a queue that you can stop, pause, restart, and that you can use in command line (perfect for rendering on a computer farm).
  • Better performances: very large optimisation work to reach 50% faster on Windows, 15% on Mac. Also, again as in Autopano, rendering window displays now statistics with details that allow you to know where is the bottleneck in your computer for faster rendering. Decoding at 100%: you need a more powerful processor ! Rendering at 100%: you need a new graphic card ! Encoding at 100%: you have to switch from Synchrone at Asynchrone mode or use a different output codec !
  • Local cache for immediate preview: a green line appears in Timeline to indicate parts that are alseary cached and so can be previewed instantly !
  • Easier import and management of video files: better management easier to ipomrt videos, and also automatic combination of sequences files generated by GoPro cameras.
  • Better workflow: when you make some changes in timeline, it’s now outlined. Better calibration for GoPro cameras, and Entaniya lenses are now supported. Temporary directory can be setup where you want now. New keyboard shortcuts, and support of Magic Mouse and trackpads enhanced, among other things.

Already avalaible for free for all existing version 2 licensed users 😉

and if you wish to become yet faster 360 video professional, SkiVR offers trainings about Autopano Video (in English or French): SkiVR trainings

Sneak preview:

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