New lens rings for Ultimate R1/R10 and new panoramic head RS-1 for fisheye !

Nodal Ninja released few new products this and first new panoramic head (sort of mix between Ultimate R1/R10 and Nodal Ninja 3) :)


  • Nodal Ninja RS-1 sans son anneauNodal Ninja RS-1 avec son anneau
     is new lightweight panoramic head which is a sort of mix between Ultimate R1 and more classic head Nodal Ninja 3. Just to remind, Ultimate R1/R10 is best panoramic head for use with fisheye lenses used with full-frame reflex (compact, lightweight and easy to use). Nevertheless, for ones that don’t own full-frame body and/or full 180 degrees fisheye, you most of time need to shoot multi-rows which may be pretty difficult with Ultimate R1/R10. RS-1 is perfect for that task: it combines ease of setup of nodal point as Ultimate ones (setup of nodal point depends only of ring and not body, as it’s lens that is attached to head and not body), with capabilities to shoot multi-rows easily as lens ring is installed on a vertical rail with upper rotator (very similar to Nodal Ninja 3 design). For ease, it uses same rings as Ultimate R1/R10. The whole setup is installed either on a mini-rotator, advanced rotator R-D5, or directly on pole with quick mount for pole. Already avalaible in store on this page.
  • 2 new lens rings complete the existing family of 21 rings, for Ultimate R1/R10 and the new RS-1: ring for Madoka 180 fisheye lens designed for non DSLR body such as Sony NEX (E-mount), Olympus and Panasonic, and ring for Samyang 8mm with NEX mount (rings exists already for Samyang 8mm in Canon mount, and Nikon/Pentax mount).
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