Autopano 2 update and new alpha of Autopano 3 !

Kolor releases bunch of updates and announces in same time update of current Autopano Pro and Giga, version 2, that is now in version 2.6.4. As usual it’s a free update for all regular owners of Autopano 2 licence and Kolor let us know it’s probably the latest update of version 2, as they are now fully focused on next main release, the version 3 that should be released before end of year ! This update is mainly maintenance to correct bugs and get compatibility with latest DSLRs released on market and updates of Photoshop and Lightroom (


Second alpha of next major release of Autopano, version 3, is now avalaible for test ! Lot of updates and enhancements in Editor mode. Kolor grants all current version 2 owners to use their licence key with that alpha of version 3 ;)

P-S: For all customers that buy now Autopano Pro or Giga licece now, they’ll get free update to version 3 when it’ll be released !

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