End of the online shop and final sales of stock !!

After these ast few years together, I’m sorry to let you know that SkiVR stops definitively its online sales business. Lire la suite…

Nodal Ninja 4 and Nadir Adapter: Rest in peace !

All good things come to an end, sooner than later, and Nodal Ninja announces Nodal Ninja 4 heads have now reached end of stock. Version with advanced R-D16II rotator is already gone ! Model with disk based rotator is still avalaible in stock (probably till end of summer when stock will have ended) so don’t be late if you want one !

Next model, that’ll replace Nodal Ninja 4, will be avalaible in September if everything goes well but we can’t say more for now ! We need to keep some good surprises for release of product…

Also Nadir adapter for the Nodal Ninja 4 will soon disappear of store as new model won’t need it (included in head by design). We sell the last units avalaible in stock till end of summer.

Enjoy holidays if you are on holidays, best for the others still at work !

360° Video Authoring and Preview in Oculus !!

You are doing video authoring with 360° panoramic vileos ?? You use After Effects or Premiere or SpeedGrade to do your authoring after the stitching ?
Here is a free plugin for these softwares: SkyBox VR Player.
With it you can work and get real time preview in your Oculus of your work and without leaving AE/Premiere/SpeedGrade. Lot of ease and confort and faster process in your authonirg work ! Lire la suite…

Panotour 2.5 has been released !

After long months of hard-work and developments, Kolor delivers us today final version of Panotour 2.5. Multiple very interesting new features have been added. Quick tour of the new features below !
As always, this update is free for all existing customers of vension 2. If not using it yet, it’s definitively time to upgrade here. Lire la suite…

Autopano Vidéo 2.3: first beta and bunch of new features !!

Kolor just released tonight first beta of Autopano Vidéo 2.3. They definitively work as crazy at Kolor, with adding lot of new features, plus usual bugs correction. Here are main new features according to changelog:

  • New output codec: Cineform. As H264 format is limited at 4K resolution, AVP will be also able to use now Cineform codec (AVI container in Windows, MOV in Windows and Mac). It’ll allow also to work lot more easily on these files in authoring softwares such as Premiere among others.

Lire la suite…

Training Center opened !

SkiVR opens its training center in Grenoble ! Now, no more excuses not to be an expert building virtual tours or stitching 360° panoramic videos !

Each week, we offer sessions in english or french to be a master using one of the best tool on market for virtual tour: Panotour Pro !

Similar is also avalaible for Panoramic Video with Autopano Vidéo Pro.

These trainings take place in our office in Grenoble, France, and are on one or two days depending of level of expertise  you want to reach.

You’ll find all details about these trainings in our online shop: Trainings and calendar below..

Warning, our sessions are for maximum 4/5 students, so it fills up pretty quickly, so book early if you want to be sure to get session you want 😉

Panotour and Google Analytics: Explanations

With release of new Panotour 2.5.0 (Beta 3) by Kolor, we expect, as always for beta releases large list of bugs correction ! But it also includes a nice and long time expected surprise, Google Analytics plugin has appeared ! But what’s the use of that ?

  • What interest ?:

Google Analytics is free tool offered by Google to generate statistics of visits on websites. Just by adding few lines of code in each webpage (invisible for visitors), you’ll get very detailed statistics of visits. Few exemples: you can know how many times each page have been loaded, but also geographic origin, browser used, Operating system, language,… Few samples below of stats you can get and that all marketing guys among others really appreciate 😉


Browsers used


Real-time stats of visitors on your website and Language


Operating system used by visitors

  • Use for virtual tours: Use of Google Analytics for your virtual tours will allow you to track precisely which panoramas (scenes) are most or less viewed (the one never viewed might be an alarm for orphan scenes or cul de sac in your tour…). The plugin tracks each change of scene. You’ll get then graphic like this one:

User Flow in your tour

Drop-offs on graphic are visitors that left website or tour at that level and didn’t go further.

  • Get Google Analytics account:

That’s really simple and straightforward ! You just need to go on this website https://www.google.com/analytics/ and to create an account. GMail or Gapps (Google Apps) account is needed for this step. Once done, you go to Admin -> Account -> Create new account. For virtual tours, you’ll select “Website” and fill the form. You don’t need to change settings of “Data Sharing Settings” section. Once done, just click on “Get Tracking ID” and to accept Service Conditions. It displays then all explanations to integrate Analytics code in your website but we don’t care about that ! We just need the tracking ID that is listed this way: UA-12345678-1

  • Use Analytics code in virtual tour:

Now that we have our Google Analytics colde, we just need to add it at our virtual tour. In Panotour, Style tab -> Plugins Library -> User input -> Analytics. You just need to fill code we got at previous step. If your virtual tour is hosted on SSL website, tick the “Force SSL” option to avoid to break security.

Done !! Now, each time visitor of your virtual tour will click on a hotspot going to an other scene, it’ll be recorded in Google Analytics.

Important point: You must generate an unique code for each website ! You can generate as much codes as you need in Google Analytics !

Prague 2015 it’s now !

Prague 2015 logo Prague 2015, THE event for photo and video panoramas, it’s next week in Prague ! Don’t search for a ticket ! All seats are gone and your only choice now is to follow event through social medias 😉 As usual, special 10% discount on whole shop (non usable with existing discounts, special prices and onjy one voucher per account) during the event 🙂 To enjoy it, just use special code PRAGUE2015 when you pass your order, and see you in Prague for the lucky guests.



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