Lens ring migration V1 -> V2 in progress !

As previously discussed in this post, Nodal Ninja continues progressive migration of lens rings to V2 ! Right now we sell latest articles still in stock of V1 lens rings for Sigma 8-15mm both in Canon mount version and Nikon/Pentax mounts, and then only V2 will be avalaible for sale.

Short update about current status of V2: as of today V2 rings exist for Canon 8-15mm, Sigma 8/15 both in Canon mount and Nikon/Pentax mounts.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions !

KRPano 1.18 with panoramic video has been released ;)

Klauss, KRPano software editor, just announced release of so waited 1.18 release with bunch of new features for video panoramic fans ;) Here are main new features and enhancements:

  • Handle panoramic video in HTML5 (more efficient and better quality most of time than Flash), and support mobile devices with WebGL (iOS8, Android Chrome, Android Firefox) and specific handling for iPhore due to usual stupid multiple restrictions you can expect from Apple !
  • New video interface (direct seek, change of video quality, mobile support, projection menu, flat view for move and zoom if WebGL is handled by device).
  • Able to display now both spherical and cylindrical panoramas in HTML5, and dynamic transitions between spherical and flat views.
  • Contextual customisable menu for touch devices.
  • Gyroscope compatible with Android Chrome, Android Firefox and Windows Phone.
  • Customisation of language and controls with Google Maps and Bing.
  • Numerous enhancements both with performance and rendering.

Now you just need to update your KRPano to enjoy all these new features ;) If you already own KRPano license or one of Panotour Pro, you just need to download latest release from website editor and start coding :)

Froide Pisse’s Waterfall in Summer

Spherical panorama shot near Saint Christophe en Oisans on June 22nd 2012 with direct view at Froide Pisse (Cold Pee in english ;) waterfall.

Technicals details:

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Cascade de la Froide Pisse 44.952588, 6.176562


GGPKG Preview ImageGGPKG Preview Image

Panotools in less than two weeks now !

Here we are, less than two weeks for Panotools 2014 that will take place in an unique place in Paris at Cité du Cinéma ;) It’s an unique opportunity to meet Panophotographs community, using Panotools, PTGui, Hugin and others VideoStitch, and to discover latest techonology innovations !

Read the rest of this entry »

Special offer: Autopano Giga offered with each iStar !

To celebrate release of update 3.6 of Autopano Giga, that includes now dedicated import plugin for iStar, SkiVR offers you one free licence of software for each iStar bought for a limited time !

So now, you’ll be able easily and quickly to stitch your panoramas and also to do it in industrial way if needed with batch stitcher included in Autopano Giga.

And if you decide to build virtual tours with all these panoramas, you’ll be eligible also for a very nice discount on Panotour Pro, best on market virtual tour builder, based on world famous engine KRPano !

Slice and combine multiple video files easily !

This little technical article is dedicated to ones that have started to work in panoramic videos. You’ll face then two “issues” often with handling video files from your GoPro or other cameras (this article is valid for nearly any video files using most famous codecs). Read the rest of this entry »

New Nodal Ninja lens ring !

It was a long time request from some users and it now becomes reality :) Nodal Ninja just released specifications of soon avalaible (end of month, begin of May) new lens ring version !

It’ll include some windozs in the ring so you can still read focus scale and access AF/MF switch on lens. Read the rest of this entry »

Lower prices on iStar !

iStarFacing strong demand on iStar products, NCTech, iStar’s manufacturer, has decided to offer Lite version of Fusion model ;) Hopefully this light version makes no compromise on features avalaible in Fusion Plus (new name of the previous Fusion model). Only differences are accessories not included but avalaible separately (Additional battery, two years warranty above the regular one year, carrying case and prioritary support). Nevertheless the Fusion Lite is fully operationnal and includes all features needed to shoot great panoramas easily and quickly !

Offered at reduced price of 4 850€ without tax, and with all upgrade capabilities of the oter models, iStar Lite is a great opportunity for customer wishing to shoot quickly and efficiently some panoramas. It’s already avalaible in shop: http://magasin.skivr.com/en/rotules-panoramiques-automatisees/508-istar-fusion-lite.html



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